Monday, July 11, 2016

a VERY Copious Update!

a VERY Copious Update!

Were at it again! With the white VANS!
Currently Snubmansters is at work updating 1.8 to a fully functional
5.8 so that We can Pick up to where we wish
to be!

Meanwhile WolfPupKG is still working on the brand new Copious Textures
for Each Copious Dog!
That is about 213 new Dog Varieties!
did you Jaw Drop yet? No?
Well then, let it be said that YOU are nuts!

In the coming updates 1.7.10 and 1.8 will release side by side so it
may be enjoyed by everyone of the newer Minecraft Forge Versions!
If you have any input on the mod at all please feel free to tweet @CopiousDogs and let us know! We LOVE to hear your input and it helps the mod grow and get better!

Have fun!

The CopiousDogs Team


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so stoked for the next update of this mod I can hardly wait! Everyone on this team has done EXCELLENT! Thanks SO much to all the producers to this mod, if I could I would give you all the BIGGEST hug EVER! I have loved this mod from the beginning but I'm pretty sure you guys are making me love it even more! So far, this is my favorite mod that I can play for hours without even getting a bit bored, let alone yawn at! I hope you guy have a wonderful day and keep up the SPECTACULAR work you guys!! Can't wait to see what you've come up with!!

  2. Hello, Layla J.
    We appreciate Your comment and apologize for the late reply.
    Thank You so much! Your comment has helped motivate Us so much!
    we are sincerely glad that you like the mod! and we're sure the Updates to come will bring you so much enjoyment, infact we are preparing to push out teaser and prep Videos just to make sure everything is Great and give you a little taste of what's been going on! :)
    We can't really hug you physically... (nor could we even hug eachother physically at this moment) but from all of us to you! Hugs! *Hugs Layla J.* truth is we all LOVE hugs! :)
    Thank you very much for the comment and we all look forward to future comments from you!

    kind Regards.
    The CopiousDogs Team.