Thursday, July 14, 2016

Copious Dogs Giveaway Update + More

Another Day Another Dog!
It seems there are only 94 Spots left in WolfpupKG's giveaway!
make sure to submit your Dog before its over!
Incase you missed the Update Video
(You should go watch because this post isn't 100% accurate)

There seems to be a change in the order in which Submitted Dogs will be Created
Dogs that are already in the mod but have different skins or are mixes
will be prioritized for the next Update!
*But wait, Does that mean my Dog Fluffy will not be made if it don't already exist in the mod?*
Woah Woah Woah! slow Your roll! no one said that!
what I'm saying is that if Your Dog Fluffy is already in the mod but has a different skin
it will be made pushed ahead of non-existent breeds! :)
so if your dog is a poodle Lab mix it will be prioritized to the very Top!

Also from now on when you submit a request for your dog you will need
- Your Name
- Your Dogs Name
- Dog Breed
- a Few Pictures of the dog (More than 2 Preferably, with good Lighting and Quality)
Examples of a bad picture would be as follows -

Don't send those.

also you need to send what breeds exactly your dog is if its a mix!

Get better soon WolfpupKG! :)

Within the next week we will be trying to Place a stable 1.8 - 5.8.2 update!
can't wait to Hear from everyone! all input is appreciated! :)

as for Forge src, It doesn't appear that they have fully stopped supporting it just yet
which means future updates are still possible for 1.7.10!
lets see how long this lasts!

The CopiousDogs Team


  1. About this, I really LOVE the idea but what about the people that don't have Twitter(me)? I really want to be able to participate but I can't get a Twitter currently.

    Please Help,
    Layla J.

    1. Hello, Layla J!
      You can email WolfpupKG at, However she would prefer you use Twitter as it makes it so much easier for her.

      You can create a Twitter with your email if you have one! :)
      I hope I helped! - Snubmansters (The Copious Dogs Team)