Monday, February 6, 2017

Copious Dogs

The LOVE Update!

as Valentines Day Approaches (We still haven't finished
1.10.2) and 1.7.10 and 1.8 are lacking The Winter Update!
We figure what better to make up for this than to apply an Update for the lacking Versions!
We haven't forgot about Youuu...

with this Update comes a special new Item and Features that is only available on Valentines Day!
yes, You get to keep the Treat!
OOPS! did We say "Treat"?
Spoilers! Yes! We mean that there is a Special Dog Biscuit that You can make for Your Cuddly Valentine!
but only on this Special Day!

with much Love, Have a Happy Valentines! - CopiousDogs Team!

also Lena(WolfpupKG:Textures and Models) and Danny(Snubmansters:Code) are Dating as of December 23rd! Happy Valentines Day to Snubmansters and WolfpupKG! <3 test


  1. for 1.7.10 it crashes, it loads everything in the launcher then as soon as its done it says: id 3 thing is there a way to fix it?