Sunday, April 23, 2017

How NOT to code "The right way"

Copious Dogs

Varying Textures are officially Done!

So, as of late Snubmansters has been hard at work on several Updates
including the long waited "Varying Textures Update"

What significance is this announcement?

Well, It would appear that even though the Textures are done, this Update is still unavailable to the public ...for good reason.

What does this mean?

This basically means that even though the textures are done, there is a lot of work needed to import 200+ dogs into the mod [Including pups in the count]

What's going on right now?

over the course of 3 day's all dogs have been imported and finished.. with a few minor errors needed to be corrected.
Currently breeding is broken and Snubmansters is trying to fix it so that the dogs can breed how they are supposed to, with no errors remaining. all sources clean.

with this, I'll leave it with the estimate that it MAY be finished sometime in early MAY or early June... we're not entirely sure.

The Copious Dogs Team


  1. Yay! I'm so excited and can't wait!! I'm glad that this might be uploaded in early May or early June because my birthday is in the middle of May!!