Monday, April 6, 2020

More Updates Coming

Two years...
Since our last Release we've worked
On a lot.. mostly under the hood
But we surely have some surprises waiting
In the trunk!

I've contemplated a release for a while, at least a Beta... because those can be fun too.
Duskin-Dev(Our Parent Development)
Is working on more than our lovely mod
Such as fun games and apps
Including a Concept stage PetPals
Two people with Jobs and School.

You will see an Update.
And if you want to see a Beta
Flood us on Twitter

-Sincerely, The Copious Dogs Team.


  1. i thought u guys stopped working on this, im so happy keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much for working on this still! I'm so excited for new dogs and hopefully a 1.12.2 version but yay! SOOOOO EXCITED!

  3. Hey there is there a version compatible with Forge 1.16.2? thanks!

    1. the only versions available are the tabs above

  4. I downloaded the most recent version of this mod for 1.7.10, but the spawn eggs did not appear?

  5. please release the update soon! this is my all time favorite mod and would love to see the work you guys have done to it. thank you guys!