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  1. I do have a question. When is your next bug update for 1.10.2 because many other people have been complaining about how they cannot tame their dogs and they cannot see any of the items in the separate mod tab. Please help i love this mod to death!!!!

    1. We are working on it! :) Updates take time! if you are truly curious of the state of the Update make sure to follow @CopiousDogs @WolfpupKG and @Snubmansters on twitter! we are constantly up to something... for now check the latest news feed :) click the copious news tab up top ^^

    2. And do u know when it will be fixed

  2. Can you make a malamute because my grandma had one but it was a mix and it got shot by a bebe gun

  3. I would really love to use this mod for my server! However, these are all problems I don't know if you know about in your latest version:

    Your tab lacks any spawn eggs, the dog bowl, and the different colors of collars. All it has is the basic collar, a leash, and the dog biscuit.

    Many dogs lack any texture at all(completely invisible except for a shadow), or have the black-and-purple error texture

    Most dogs will revert to the black-and-purple texture when a collar is applied to them. others will get no indication they have a collar at all, but do have one on.

    The spawn rate is messed up.

    In the Misc. menu, there is a black-and-purple error block with a strange doghead label(sorry on mobile can't check rn).

    This is all with the newest version, 6.4.7.

    1. Okay I accessed my computer and have this information to extend:

      going into Config and adjusting a few of the items fixes a few problems. The dog bowl is still not available in the menu but have found the spawn eggs.

      None of the textures except the original for each breed works.

      The Akita and Samoyed do not take a collar at all.

      The "Spawn Bernese Mountain" egg works with collars but the "Spawn Bernese Mountain Dog" egg does not work with collars.

      Every subsequent area where there are two of the same breed spawn eggs listed, the first on in order will be the correct egg that works with the collar.

      The Italian Greyhound is the dog that has absolutely no texture whatsoever, and is just a hovering shadow.

      The misc. menu item I mentioned earlier is called "" and, as said before, appears as a texture error block.

      I haven't gone through the different variations yet to see which spawn wildly in the black-and-purple error, but I will do that next and report back.

    2. I was wondering if you where able to fix when the collar is being applied the textures stopped working! This is a problem for a server I'm trying to set up with it

    3. Please everyone read the FAQ and Known Issues Tab :) if your bug is not there please tell us in Detail which dogs are having which problems and please be specific. problem solving isn't easy if we don't know what the issue is. :)

  4. none of the dogs are spawning. i've tried fixing this in the config, but they still don't show :/

  5. Hi! I'm sure you already are aware of the missing texture glitch that the dogs have but another thing is if I leash a dog it won't follow it will have the leash line but won't follow. After a relog the leash is back in my inventory as if it was never on the dog

  6. It is 2020 and i cannot see the items nor use them, the dogs show up bot nothing else from your mod does, im using 1.10.2


      Look under config file info :)
      Your config file is located in %appdata% -> minecraft -> config -> copiousdogs ** right click the config file and open with notepad (assuming you're on windows)

  7. I dont know why this is happening and I dont know how to fix it. When the dogs spawn in they are FLYING!! I could you not they are flying LOL. I'm on a early 2014 high sierra mac playing java edition. Any ideas on how to help???

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