(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Copious Dogs?
abundant in supply or quantity.
"she took copious notes"
synonyms: abundant, superabundant, plentiful, ample, profuse, full, extensive, generous, bumper, lavish, fulsome, liberal, overflowing, in abundance, many, numerous;

Copious Dogs is a mod that adds a variety of other Dog Breeds to minecraft!

2. What Gender is my Dog? is it a Boy or a Girl?? How can I tell?!?
Since it is minecraft and cows and pigs really do not have genders, then I don't think there is a way to tell. They're all just "it" until you declare it to be male or female

3. When will you add more dogs in the mod?
We just recently added nine more dog breeds including the labrador and Shiba Inu, and soon we will be adding varying textures to the mod to add variety to the current breeds, then we'll add some more pure breeds, and finally mixed breeds.

4. Will you please make a model for my Dog?
Usually we go by how popular a Breed is and How much it is suggested, but currently (with 32 slots left) our amazing Texture/Model Creator WolfpupKG is doing a giveaway where she will make your Custom Dog with JUST the price of a few pictures and a message to WolfpupKG on Twitter!

5. *Sends a Picture*
if you send a picture to us without any message we will not personally respond.

(This one should be #1 but that would be to easy!)
6. Do you plan to make a Cats mod?
We get this a lot! No. truth is that we don't have the time for such a thing, and currently there is already variety cats in minecraft... if any fans of Copious Dogs would want to Team up to make this Happen we'd surely be fine with it! :D

7. Are you still going to be updating for 1.7.10?
short answer is Yes but only for short time. we aren't sure if forge will ever take down 1.7.10 src so when that day comes We will not be able to support 1.7.10 any longer... atleast not as easily.

8. What is the highest version the mod supports?
Check the tabs up top ^^

9. How do you get food in the Dog Dish?
Simply get any Raw meat and right click on the Dog Dish with it! :)

10. this may seem rude but can I make a feature suggestion?
We LOOOOOOOOOOVE feedback and suggestions!
if you have something to say or an Idea we would love to hear it! :)

11. How can I download the Copious Dogs mod
find out what version you want and click on the correct tab ^^ and look for You can Download the latest Version either at and click the Orange text below!
if you get a page with a blue banner on the top just wait 5 seconds and click Skip Ad.

12. What Date is (blah blah) Update set to release?
When they are absolutely positively 150% for sure (Not a Scam) Ready, we will announce it on Twitter and MinecraftForum! :)

CONFIG FILE INFO (for nosy nellies)

Now, it should go without saying that everything under "dev" is for Developers or Development...
Don't use that unless you want to have a bad time or are actually curious.
We WILL NOT tell you or anyone what it does or what it's for.

"chases tail"
Yeah, you remember that bug which would make dogs constantly chase their tail?
round n round n round
well, now it's kind of a feature! try it out!

"dog spawn probability" X
this is currently useless but it is supposed to manage
the spawn rate of every breed as one...
we're working on a new way of doing things.

this sets if eggs are visible in Creative.
true = Visible

"randomized traits" X
always true... but it's useless ...for now ;)

"var texture eggs" 
so, this is basically like "eggs" but it stops Copious Dogs from
dominating the Creative Tab with eggs. that's all!

more to come?