Items & Crafting

Dog Biscuit

The dog biscuit is the first item you will need to begin taming dogs.

First, you must craft them with pork and one bone in a crafting table as shown below.

In 1.10 you can also use other meats to craft dog biscuits.

These can be used to tame the Copious Dogs. The taming process works similar to taming a Minecraft wolf.

A dog is tamed when you are prompted to name your new dog.

Dog biscuits can also be used to heal dogs on-the-go.


Collars are items available in Copious Dogs for Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.

Collars can be crafted as shown below using string and an iron ingot.

Collars are wearable by tamed dogs applied by the owner through right clicking on the tamed dog with the collar.
Untamed dogs cannot receive collars.
They can be removed by shift-right clicking the dog with an empty hand. Collars worn by dogs cannot be removed by anyone but the owner of that dog.
When applied to a dog, collars appear as follows:

Collar color can be changed in a player crafting square or crafting table using standard Minecraft dye as shown below.

Most tamed dogs wander within a certain radius even after being tamed. Applying a collar allows the player to attach a leash to their dog which will cause the dog to follow the player similar to a tamed wolf.


The leash (not to be confused with the Minecraft "Lead") allows a tamed dog with a collar to be lead by the owner of the dog.

These are crafted as follows using string.

The leash can only be used on dogs wearing a collar.

Below is a dog following closely because of an applied leash.


Once you have tamed a dog and have it under control, you may be interested in knowing each dog has their own unique statistics that can be read using the analyzer.

To craft an analyzer, you need a glass pane, redstone, and iron positioned as shown below.

Once you have your analyzer crafted, you can right click on any dog, tamed or not, to learn its stats.

Many stats are shown, including health, breed, energy, and aggressiveness. When added, more differentiating characteristics will be displayed here.

Dog Bowl

The dog bowl (included in the versions compatible with 1.7.10 and 1.8) is an item that can be placed on the ground when crafted.

To craft you need one bucket surrounded by iron ingots as shown below.

Tamed dogs will automatically eat from the bowl to regain health when it is lowered.

Bowls can be filled with raw beef or raw pork.

Bowls will become visibly completely full with the addition of three pieces of meat, added by right clicking the bowl with the raw meat.

Bowls come in different colors. The colors can be changed with Minecraft dye, similar to the way collar colors are changed.

Dog Whistle

The dog whistle currently lacks a crafting recipe, but can be spawned in through commands or creative mode.

The dog whistle summons your tamed dogs within a certain radius to come back to you.

The dog whistle is incomplete, but you can still play with it if you would like.


  1. I CANT USE THE SPAWN EGGS! They dont even show up! i cant search them in craeative menu, or nei. help plaese!

    1. For me its actually the opposite, i have all the dogs but nothing else, i spent an hour making a house on a world and when it was done i went to go tame a dog but i can't find any item and the copious dogs mod tab in creative mod is empty.


      Look under config file info :)
      Your config file is located in %appdata% -> minecraft -> config -> copiousdogs ** right click the config file and open with notepad (assuming you're on windows)

    3. i cant use the spawn eggs either

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  3. Why when I analyze my dogs it doesn't say I'm the owner? And how do I train them?

  4. When I put a collar on a dog, the dog turns a strange color (pink for white collars, red for red collars, haven't tested any others).